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Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Hi Frog Lovers. It's been (counts the months/years on her fingers) quite some time since I last wrote here. I'm going to be here more often in the near future, I promise! I have loads to tell you. Alcoholic beverages may be required. Yes for you too. Do you have any requests? Any types of animals you'd like me to write about? If so, let … [Read More...]

The day I saw the Orion Nebula

Hello lovely readers. I hope you survived the festive season and are tackling 2015 with gusto, alcohol and some laughs. Those of you who've been visiting the Lily Pad for a while know that I love … [Read More...]

Have a very Merry Frogmas

Hello my darlings. I know I've neglected you terribly lately but I'd still like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and a safe and happy 2015. Be kind to each other. See you in the Gnu … [Read More...]

Catapalusa the Second

Hi Frog Lovers. Back in May I had a one-blog-cats-on-the-internet-mega-festival and it was so successful* I thought I'd hold another one. So I started to write (I use that term very loosely) … [Read More...]

Winter is coming but the cold never bothered me anyway – Game of Thrones Giveaway Winner Announced

I'd always suspected you were all in equal parts twisted and hilarious. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been running a great competition to give away a box set of Game of Thrones books by … [Read More...]

A Game of Thrones Giveaway!

PLEASE NOTE THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. HOWEVER YOU'RE WELCOME TO KEEP COMMENTING WITH YOUR PREDICTIONS (you beautiful, crazy freaks) Hi my darlings. Did you watch the last episode of Game of … [Read More...]


Hi Frog-Lovers. Yes, again, this is a post-that-is-not-a-post. Things are crazy here at the Lily Pad, between work and studying my coaching qualification, writing has taken a back seat, from where … [Read More...]

Another one bites the perch

Hi everyone. I've been very busy this week with work and study so this is another post that's not a post. Instead, I leave you with this wonderful video that made me smile this week. Bet you can't … [Read More...]

Has Game of Thrones jumped, raped and murdered the shark?

SPOILERS, SWEETIE. If you haven’t watched Season 4 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, ABORT ABORT ABORT. Read no farther. Go water your garden, or have a nice cup of tea. Have a bit of a pillage and … [Read More...]

Be glad you’re not a male mantis

Hi Frog-Lovers - I hope you enjoyed/survived Easter, school holidays and other assorted horrors. We're on the mend over here at the Lily Pad, after a neat circular exchange of bugs of various kinds … [Read More...]

My subconscious has gone AWOL

Brain:    Good morning! Me:        Ugh. Brain:    What? Me:        Why did you have to give me those dreams last night? Brain:    Which ones? The one about the wedding, or the one about … [Read More...]