A message to the Sheriff of Blogwood – get outa town

OK so it’s been over a week since Blogopolis 2012… a week full of ankle pain, school holiday angst and post-conference depression. I’ve already done my Blogopolis post, but I still have something to say. Eden Riley from Edenland said last weekend that your voice is a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Eden also said that the Blogosphere is like the Wild West. There are no rules, man. Bring that shit on.

OK hombres, which one of you is the sheriff of Blogwood?

No? Nobody steppin’ forward?

Coz week just gone, I was pretty sure I heard a few of you cowpokes tryin’ to tell this blogger what she could and couldn’t do.

Somethin’ about fights with pardners and vomitin’ on the internets.

Now, I ain’t lookin’ for a fight. No siree.

I just figure how this is the Wild West and all, if we’re all law-abidin’ folk, doin’ what the sheriff tells us, soon it won’t be so wild no more.

What’s good for the goose ain’t always good for the gander. Some of us bloggers wanna talk about the latest bonnets outta Philly. Some of us wanna bring the latest news from the East coast. Some of us wanna be cowboys and outlaws.

Blogwood is big enough for all us citizens, right? If you gotta think twice ‘bout that post before hittin’ publish, hit publish and be damned. Everyone ain’t gonna like you. So what? There ain’t no rules; we’re putting down roots in a new frontier over here.

Who gave that sheriff a badge, anyhoo? Did they pin it on theirselves?

I s’pect so.

So this is a message for the sheriff of Blogwood.

Before you come saunterin’ into the Blogwood saloon, clickin’ those spurs and flashin’ that shiny star round, tellin’ us what we all should be doin’, remember that there ain’t no rules in this town.

If you keep tryin’ to make all us bloggers obey your rules, this town ain’t gonna be big enough for the both of us.

So drink up, sheriff, cos you’re on the first coach outa here in the mornin’ and it’s a thirsty journey. Don’t let the saloon doors hit you on the dusty butt on the way out.

The Blogger With No Name


  1. Love it! XD

  2. You are hilarious.Brilliant writing.Thankyou for the big smile across my face.xx

  3. Meh….just kidding. A fun read 🙂

  4. Yes, to the hell yes!!!

  5. Great post. I must have missed the sheriffs posts but no-one should be tell you what to do on your own ranch. Rachel x

  6. I seem to have written ‘trailblazers’ in my notes and underlined it. Am sure it was for a reason… someone must have talked about it!


  7. YEEEHAAA! Partner! I most definitely concur with you my amiga. There ain’t no space in this sphere for sheriffs like that! You are one funny sister!

  8. Well said 🙂

  9. Ah yes, the uneducated morons who think they have every right to tell other people what they can and can’t write on their own blogs. God I’m so fucking sick and tired of them!

  10. FUCKING AMen to that!!

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