The saga of the bog blog continues… (this time with spare toilets)

Dear owner of the-pub-I-went-to-a-few-weeks-ago-that-will-remain-nameless-because-this-is-not-a-sponsored-post,

After visiting your esteemed establishment recently for some* drinks and an open-mic folk afternoon**, I feel compelled to bring a couple of items to your attention:

  • You might want to improve the cleanliness of your bathrooms. Just sayin’.
  • You must have some rough clientele*** because, where most places keep spare rolls of toilet paper in their bog, you keep, well, spare bogs.

A floating green arrow in the toilet!


What the scary floating green arrow
was trying to bring to my attention.

Proof that the items stacked up there were,
in fact, toilets.
  • Do they get broken often, that you need to keep some spare ones on hand?
  • Rather than storing spare bogs in your bog, maybe you could consider some toilet paper? Or even perhaps more than one toilet for the whole pub? Just a suggestion. Oh wait! Someone told you to get more toilets. So you did. And stacked them neatly in… the toilet.

Yours sincerely,
The noisy non-folk fan in the corner.

PS. I don’t normally take my phone into the toilet with me. I saw these and snuck back in to take the shots****.

* Many.
**I just don’t know myself anymore. It was fun. (I was drunk).
*** Do open-mic folk afternoons really get that rowdy? OK so yes I was the most rowdy there. But I didn’t damage the damn toilet, did I? What kind of person do you think I am? (Don’t answer that).
****After waiting for 3 hours because there was one toilet for the whole place. No shit.*****
***** Pun intended.


  1. Somebody call Kenny.

  2. Maybe we now need smellAblog! And was the lid up or down when you went in? Very brave of you to even
    try to use it. Any sawdust on the floor? If not, then not an authentic folk-pub!!

  3. I recommend you sneak back into said unnamed pub, heavily disguised (see your previous post) and check whether they have in fact installed the additional toilets … so, what did you sing? xT ps. of course you dang … confess!

  4. *sang …

  5. I used to joke about being a connoisseur of public toilets after having lived in Africa and Asia for a while… though my only benchmark was running water, so I suspect my career would have been short-lived.

    When I first got back to Oz (permanently) I was just thankful for the barest of necessities, however – many years later and my standards have increased again. In fact, I prefer the loos of 5-star hotels where you get fluffy towels and the like. (Or those in my place – where the loo paper is mostly neverending and I have magazines on standby!)


  6. That’s disgusting, but most pubs don’t give a shit anyway!

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