How Seal Ate His Own Children – Ben Pobjie’s Let’s Put on a Show gives me an asthma attack

Image by Ben Pobjie – FUNNY DUDE

Last night I went to a gig and was reminded how old I was because I swear foetuses were ordering drinks at the bar.

Then I laughed until my lungs exploded.

Ben Pobjie’s “Let’s Put on a Show” was so damn funny that I was reaching for my Ventolin after only ten minutes. This takes some doing, since I’m a humourist of sorts myself and I consider myself a bit of a veteran when it comes to the whole laughing thing. I do it a lot.

Little did I know. I AM AN AMATEUR.

“Let’s Put on a Show” is hilariously mental. Completely different each night, Ben launches the theme for each show based on the random craziness generated from members of the audience.

Last night’s audience was pretty high on the Mental-O-Meter.

The show started with Delta Goodrem’s Neo-Nazi robot indoor cricket team having a holiday at the beach while Delta herself was pregnant to Seal.

Hard to believe, I know, but it got weirder from there.

Brilliant, random crazy humour was interspersed with white-hot social and political comment as the story of “How Seal Ate His Own Children” gambolled through a huge range of hilarious subjects before coming to its insane conclusion. Ben educated us about sex, something the audience appeared to know nothing about (although we had an unnaturally detailed knowledge of nature, apparently). Thanks for not putting your elbow in my mouth, Ben. I appreciate it.

We discovered that Delta is a mammal who lays eggs* and that Seal is half seal. Explains a lot really.

I could explain more about the show but frankly SPOILERS SWEETY and you should all just go and see it for yourselves. You won’t regret it.

“Let’s Put on a Show” is part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and runs until 14 April. You can book here.

Take your asthma meds with you.

A ridiculously cheap night of jaw-aching hilarity.

A truly educational show.

7.384 stars.

Delightfully mental.

Just go fucking see it, OK?

* Ben I think this makes her a monotreme. I know. I need to get out more. And sorry about my craptacular timekeeping skillz.


  1. It sounds bloody awesome.

  2. We went to seem him last year and had a ripper of a time. Highly recommended by me as well!

  3. I love Ben’s tv rundowns etc. he is hilaire!!!!! I agree it sounds bloody awesome.

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