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Meet Rocket. He’s a Bengal cat and he lives with his brother Rumble, Linus Sebastian and his young family, in British Columbia. Linus runs an internet service called Linus Tech Tips, which in his words “is all about fun, creative ways to experience the latest technology, whether that’s through unboxings, tutorials, reviews, or rich video merchandising”. I can tell you that he’s also a guy who loves his cats.

On September 12 this year, Rocket went missing. He was microchipped, and Linus notified his local animal shelter. He did all the traditional things to try to get his gorgeous cat back.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to lose a pet, you know what a hideous, tragic experience it is. Pets are family, and losing part of your family is heartbreaking.

My heart hurt when I heard about Rocket going missing. I’d seen so many videos of the cats on YouTube, I felt like this had happened to a good friend and it weighed heavily on my mind. What had happened? Where was Rocket now? Would he ever come back? I didn’t hear the news of his disappearance on the news, or in the local paper. I’m a world away and I read it on Twitter. Then I saw it on Facebook and it was mentioned on Linus’s YouTube channel.

For over a month, Rocket was missing and Linus and his family had pretty much given up hope that he’d ever return.

Then, a couple of days ago, someone posted a photo of an emaciated stray Bengal cat on Facebook, asking if anybody knew who owned it.

Someone else saw the photo, and thought it might be Rocket.

That person opened a Twitter account specifically to get in touch with Linus, and sent Linus the photo.

Now Rocket is home – skinny and covered in scratches – but home. I cried when I read about it on Twitter.

The fact that Rocket is home is thanks to the fact that Linus spread the word about his disappearance on social media – without that, it’s likely that Rocket would never have made it back to his family.

Next time you’re complaining about how someone’s using Facebook, or how much time your friend spends on Twitter, or what rubbish is on YouTube, think about Rocket.

Next time you want to bemoan the loss of “connection” caused by social media, think about how it helped Rocket make it home, and how his story touched a complete stranger on the other side of the world deeply enough to make her cry and go to her keyboard to tell you about it.

Welcome home, Rocket.

Rocket - skinny but home. Image thanks to LinusTech.

Rocket – skinny but home.

You can follow Linus on Twitter , on Facebook , Instagram as LinusTech and he has two YouTube channels – Linus Tech Tips and Linus Cat Tips.

This post was in no way sponsored by anything other than my love of cats.

Images are from Linus Tech Tips.



  1. So glad Rocket made it back home. One of our cats went missing just before Christmas last year. It was heartbreaking. Imagine my joy when she turned up on my doorstep on Christmas Eve night. Another happy ending.

  2. Excellent news story. My mate in Dubai’s cat went missing. I sent a tweet with pic and reward offer to the morning DJ on the most popular radio station there who’s into cats, and he re-tweeted it to 15000 followers, many of who also re-tweeted. The cat eventually turned up home by himself but it was great to see people help out.

  3. I love a happy ending! And social media 🙂

  4. I like the fact that you connected with somebody called Linus. It’s like starring in an awesome cartoon WITH happy endings. x

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