Has Game of Thrones jumped, raped and murdered the shark?

ERMAHGERD! Season 4 sucks arse! {image}

ERMAHGERD! Season 4 sucks arse! {image}


If you haven’t watched Season 4 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, ABORT ABORT ABORT. Read no farther. Go water your garden, or have a nice cup of tea. Have a bit of a pillage and burn (but remember to pillage BEFORE you burn, yo). Or better still, go watch Season 4 Episode 4 and then come back and read this.

I love Game of Thrones with the irrational passion of a typical historical fantasy fan. If you know any of those rarefied creatures, then you know that’s a LOT of passion. I watch it diligently. I defend it publicly. I am a big, big fan.

The first three seasons of Game of Thrones (let’s call it GoT from now on, because I’m a lazy wench), was filled to the brim with a tasty ale of smart storytelling, (mostly) excellent acting, and a fair serving of delicious, provocative shocks, especially for someone like me, who hadn’t read the books*.

Now we come to the fourth season and this previously cold, frosty and enjoyable tankard of pillage, violence and death is starting to give me indigestion. I’m starting to greet each episode with equal measures of passion and unease.

Let’s put aside the differences between the books and the television series. It would be completely unreasonable to expect the producers to be able to take 96 bazillion pages of book, with 7,641 major characters, and 12 major locations, and convert all that to meaningful narrative for television, without cutting some pretty massive corners. (Let’s also put aside, for now, that the fourth season has cut so many corners that the show is in danger of becoming round.)

This season, I expected the usual serving of incest, violence, murder, sex, dragons and, of course, boobs. I haven’t been disappointed in that. There have been provocations aplenty, not to mention a lot of violence involving fowl. Between being sliced open in pies and eaten to violent extreme by The Hound, birds aren’t doing so well this season. Oh and Joffrey was murdered too.

AT LAST. What a turd.

I’m am disappointed, though. Where previous seasons have stalked slowly through the plot, sprinkling humour amongst the casually-examined graphic sex and violence, this season seems fractured and rushed. I’ve read the books and I’m still going WHO? WHAT? WHO WAS THAT? WHAT’S GOING ON?

Then there’s the laziness of the writing. Perhaps I wouldn’t be as disappointed, had the earlier writing been less clever. Scenes apropos of nothing that proceed with “Oh where could Bran be? Could he be at Craster’s Keep?”, then cut to Bran, 50 metres from Craster’s Keep, then cut to the head of the Night’s Watch conveniently telling them they could now have their trip to – you guessed it – Craster’s Keep, leave me rolling my eyes and wondering whether the work experience kid was the only person in the Writer’s Room that day.

As for the scenes inside Craster’s Keep, the less said the better. I couldn’t decide whether I needed to scrub my brain afterwards, or laugh my head off. Did the writers have a competition that week to see who could get the most c@nts into the script (and onto the screen)?

That scene was truly horrible, and brazenly calculated to titillate – revolting, even by GoT standards. The set-up is clear – we’re meant to hate these people with every fibre of our televisual beings, so we’ll cheer when Jon and his Black Brothers march in and eviscerate, behead and generally maul them all to death with monotonous predictability (and very sharp swords). Yawn.

It was lazy, lazy writing that left me feeling manipulated.

Bloody work experience kid**.

Where has the humour gone this season? In earlier seasons, the clever opportunities for a smile to balance out the horror were regular and plentiful. Littlefinger’s calm menace, always just one languidly arched eyebrow this side of a coma, has always been worth a giggle, but even the outrageous under-acting of the evil stud muffin could do nothing to save this episode.

So here I am, waiting for Episode 5. The books are far more graphic than the series, but until now I’ve been able to trust the show to be smart and provocative without being manipulative or crass. After Episode 4, I don’t trust it anymore. I don’t trust them to slow down and move through the storylines in the necessary depth to do them justice. I don’t trust them not to present another episode like Oathkeeper (or as I’ve come to call it, Audience-Breaker).

I love this show. I don’t want it to turn to shit, but if it continues like this, I won’t be wondering which Stark will be the next to get it in the neck, or whether Arya will end up on the throne of Westeros.

I’ll be wishing winter would hurry the fuck up.

* I have now

** Who is clearly a 14 year old boy.

Do you think Game of Thrones Season 4 has gone to the dogs?

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  1. I don’t watch it, I’m afraid – we watched about the first 15 minutes but they were just babbling on a bit too much and then I put on Die Hard…so that was our attempt. I do think I should give it another go because every one loves it so much. It is weird how shows always decline they longer they run for…

    • Five Frogs says:

      Oh do give it a try, it’s worth it (as I wrote, I am a BIG fan). Interestingly, Breaking Bad kept up brilliant work for 5 seasons. Pity others can’t!

  2. I’m not sure if GoT has jumped the shark yet, but it’s definitely become more a more mundane and run-of-the-mill TV show than it used to be. There are some characters that I’m still emotionally engaged with, but it’s not my favourite show anymore.

    If we compare it with some of it’s contemporaries, I think GoT has become a bit like Mad Men – a one-time good show searching for an ending. Unlike The Walking Dead, which is still getting better and better each season, we all know the best is behind MM and GoT. I just hope it doesn’t go the way of True Blood or Dexter and just become lamer and lamer.

    Of course, some shows can jump the shark and become better for it. Supernatural is a good example of that. They were axed, and decided to jump the shark – in fact, one of their episodes was called “Jumping The Shark” – and they just went for it! Then, they got un-axed and just kept going with the whole jumping the shark attitude and it’s one of my favourite shows now! 🙂

  3. Dude. They’re turning bebbies into white walkers. What’s not to love? (?!$*#?!*!)

    • Five Frogs says:

      Yes I looked at that and did that side-eye so perfectly drawn in that “show watchers vs book readers” meme. Hmmmmm.

  4. Don’t watch it as it’s not on free to air tv and can’t be bothered watching online either. I’m a bit over rape and murder in tv shows and movies.

    • Five Frogs says:

      I don’t blame you. They’ve dealt with it very well in the last three seasons, but seem to have lost their way a bit now.

  5. I see enough boobs, fighting, drama in my own house so haven’t started watching it – I’m also not a fan or graphic rape scenes, not that I’m a prude, In saying that I will probably watch one day. Dexter, now that is my serial killer of choice!

    • Five Frogs says:

      Oh I recommend this show (up to Season 4 anyway!). I will always love Breaking Bad the best though. xx

    • Dexter be my serial killer of choice, too, Em. Shame the last season of it ended shittily IMO. I mean, COME ON, why couldn’t he have drowned himself in grief? That would have been far punchier. Kx

  6. Well I actually started playing with my Iphone during Season 3 so God help me with Season 4. And thanks for the spoiler. So glad that Joffery is gone. Couldn’t stand him AT ALL.

    • Five Frogs says:

      HE WAS A TURD! And judging from the photo on my piece, he hated Season 4 as much as me 😉

  7. My husband has been encouraging me to watch GoT because it has “romance”. I haven’t gotten into it yet. Objectively speaking its the sort of thing that I might be drawn into but I just haven’t made the time commitment. Meanwhile I am Mad Men OBSESSED! Please feel free to discuss outrageous goings on at Sterling Cooper and Partners anytime.

    • Five Frogs says:

      I don’t watch Mad Men, tried, couldn’t get into it. Romance in GoT? Erm… OK LOL xxx

  8. What is this Game of Thrones that you speak of? If it’s not from Disney, Pixar, and other cartoon making film companies, I may have missed it. LOL Blaming my kids for this.

  9. I haven’t watched it, so I didn’t actually read your post…but people keep telling me to watch it. Is it really that good?

  10. I’ve seen the first three seasons and have just started on book 6 (5) but we haven’t seen season 4 yet as we lack the balls to download it and we are too cheap to pay for the extra channel on foxtel to watch that way. I’m sure someone at my husbands work will inevitably download them though, the way they did with season 3, and we can borrow them once half the rest of the office has!

    I can definitely see how it might be happening, I did think the 3rd season didn’t live up to the first two, but I’ll be interested to see for myself.. I don’t think it will bother Dave though, he basically only watched it for the blood and boobs. Oh and the dragons of course!

  11. I love it but must admit I cant’ see an end in sight with the books. The show should make a packet! Thank god the little shit is dead although I would have preferred his end to be more gruesome. Choking? Give me a break. How bout ‘The Hound’ pummelling him to blood and bone -that’s what the people wanted.

    • Five Frogs says:

      Oh yes. But I think they’ve previously let us know that poisoning was a woman’s tool of murder… so this was a more humiliating way for him to go. 🙂

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